Friday 8 December 2023


 A leaking waterpipe just before we left for Australia was sealed before we left,  but we returned to holes in the wall and ceiling needing restoration and a room needing redecoration, which meant several bookshelves needed emptying so as to shift them. The plus is I found many books I’d forgotten and now wish to re-read.

Another good thing  realised is that by picking up my abandoned serial I found greater impetus to respond to the prompt words;  we’ll see how that goes.  

So … words for the coming week: agitate  cow sweet

 Entries by midnight  Thursday December 14th,  new words Friday December 22nd.

  Usual rules: 100 words maximum (excluding title) of flash fiction or poetry using all three words above in the genres of horror, fantasy, science fiction or noir. Serialised fiction is, as always, welcome. All variants and uses of the words and stems are fine. Feel free to post links to your stories on Twitter or Facebook or whichever.


  1. False Memory Syndrome

    The cow became agitated. 'I did jump over the moon. They wrote a song about it.'
    'A song doesn't make it true,' said the little dog. ‘The Russians sent me to space. It's vast. You'd have to defy the laws of physics.'
    The cow mooed indignantly. 'I remember that jump as if it was yesterday.'
    The cat meowled that he was sure he’d sweetly played a fiddle.
    Meanwhile another argument was simmering. 'I'll not run away with you,’ the dish told the spoon. "You always scarper at the first sign of trouble."
    ‘Says you,’ said the spoon.

    1. An astonishingly clever sleight of re-inventing.

    2. I always enjoy an alternative telling of a familiar tale, and this is brilliant .

  2. This is good stuff, David! So dang clever!

  3. Thresholds new [2]

    Less than an hour’s walking, through thigh-high meadow grass; cow parsley parasols a sweet enough reminder of childhood delight, that the agitating roar of the waterfall failed to terrify. Approaching from its rear we perceived, as promised, it was possible to safely pass behind it, along a ledge part-sheltered from the water’s full force by the overhang but along which grew tall multi-thorned rose-like flowers.
    I allowed Raven his crow of victory: ‘Just as well I did bring scissors’, murmuring only, ‘Gloves a good idea as well’ , as I handed him mine.

    1. Glad these two characters are back with us . I'm looking forward to reading about their continued adventures .

    2. One wonders what awaits these two adventurers - maybe more than they bargained for?

  4. The Secret Armadillo Soldier (SAS) Diaries - entry 252

    Aware of the cowering rat’s agitation, Namwec clicked her claws and smiled maliciously. Her voice dripped with calculated, dangerously sweet, overtones. You think Holy Jagah did not feel their presence?

    Everything said, and done, was to deceive the spying fools.’ She ran a sharp claw suggestively along the rats flank.

    ‘The true plan is, my brothers will continue their efforts to obliterate this band of upstarts and you,’ her eyes became icy slits as she loomed over Venice, ‘you, Soldag, will take a band of underlings and attack that hovel those drunken pangolins call a palace.’

    Venice shivered and nodded.

    1. So many new characters! I've gone back a few weeks to attempt to catch up - your inventiveness knows no bounds, Terrie.

    2. Sneaky devil, that Namwec. Very nasty plan she's come up with.


    The obviously agitated defendant sat stiffly before the Board of Police and Fire Commissioners.
    “You have been accused of igniting a fire that destroyed a great deal of public and private property,” stated the Chief Commissioner.
    “Nonsense! I didn’t do it!” the defendant angrily retorted.
    “So, you are pleading not guilty?”
    “You bet your sweet bippy I am!”
    “You are, eh? Despite the testimony of a very reliable witness?”
    “Reliable witness, huh? You can’t believe a word that fat, lazy cow says! It was she who kicked over the lantern!” screamed Mrs. O’Leary while shooting the bird toward the Commissioners.

    1. So, will the Commissioners reach the correct verdict?

  6. This is a great 'shifting the blame' scene with wonderful humour too, leaving the reader wondering just who is the guilty party . I'm kind of hoping Mrs. O'Leary is the innocent party as she's such a likeable character.
    A sure sign of your writing expertise is that I laughed , even though i wasn't familiar with the terms. I sort of guessed but googled 'bippy' and 'shooting the bird' just to be sure .... and I was right .