Monday, 18 May 2015

Winners and Words, May 18, 2015. (Because I couldn't think of a better title)

Good morning!

The Tome and I have awakened very early this morning.  Good thing because it appears my winners and words post of last night didn't go through.  *le sigh*  

I know I've said this before, but you have made it so very difficult to choose a winner this week.  Every submission this week was brilliant in its own way.  I honestly feel that they all deserve to win.  That being said, it is my job to choose winners, and chosen I have...

Our winner this week is Michael Fletcher with Reinforcements:  This literally  made me feel if I was being pushed along on rails to the end.  It's that compact and slick, it's amazing.  You used the prompts really well. It's a fantastic combination of subject matter and technique.  Thank you!

Also winning this week is Noah Heinrich with In the Jewel of Cities (Part 2): Such an amazing sense of place conveyed in so few words. I now know exactly what such a place would feel, smell, and sound like, even though I have never visited one.  I cannot wait to read more of this.  Thank you!


The usual rules apply: 100 words maximum (excluding title) of flash fiction or poetry using all of the three words above in the genres of horror, fantasy, science fiction or noir. Serialized fiction is, as always, welcome. All variants and use of the words and stems are fine.

Feel free to post links to your stories on Twitter or Facebook or whichever social media best pleases you and, if you like, remind your friends that we are open to new and returning writers.

You have until Saturday, May 23d.  Winners and words on Sunday, May 24th.

The Gates are Open!


  1. congratulations, Michael and Noah! Some weeks it is truly difficult to choose a winner, the standards are so high!

    The Captain quite likes the new words, have to see what he can do.

  2. Due to other commitments, I think I am going to have to pass on this week's words. On another note, many congratulations to Michael and Noah for two amazing submissions. Hopefully, I shall return next week and if time does make itself available, I will be back before then with my current entry/entries.

  3. Congratulations to very worthy winners, Michael and Noah.

    A change of focus [128]

    Less than two years ago, Vanessa slid a knife between Raptor’s ribs. Pettinger dug his grave. Jointly they’d buried him, crossing fingers against resurrection of the black, clench-fisted soul seen departing, threatening future retribution.
    They finished the bottle.
    Scotch rather than Dutch courage, ‘Is Vladlina a likely recipient?’
    Pettinger had already considered. ‘Undoubtedly.’
    ‘She’s holding someone –‘
    ‘For ransom?’
    ‘Apparently an intruder she disturbed. When she found out who she decided to make use of him.’
    ‘Who? How?’
    ‘Bait –‘ Vanessa’s explanation interrupted by the phone. Eyes on Pettinger, ‘He’s here.’
    She handed it over.
    ‘It’s you she wants.‘

    1. Nice build up of tension here, bit of a cliffhanger ending too which always keeps us guessing

    2. how do you do that??? end on cliffhangers all the time? Now what?

    3. As always, we are left with tongues lolling out in anticipation of more. I love the "Scotch rather than Dutch courage." What a wonderful turn of phrase!

  4. The Root of All (11)

    I froze in my tracks at the disturbing scene before me, what the hell happened? It took a moment till I recognized the girl screaming, Miasa, the youngest member of the tribe.

    I snap out of my daze and run over to collect her in my arms, her screams would not abate at first but after seeing who I was her howls turned to tears.

    For some reason the wild idea crosses my mind that she is bait for whatever caused all this carnage but I feel my mind becoming disjointed by fear and try to keep things in perspective.

    1. You've nicely evoked the stop-go of fear and panic in this episode.

    2. this is moving on well, lots happening. This is a good instalment, setting it up for yet more mayhem to come.

    3. Lovely continuation that ties in so nicely with what went before. I had not realized before that you are writing in the present tense. I find that not very easy to do, but you seem to have mastered the skill to perfection.

  5. Cross cross purposes [Threshold 65]

    Sulky, ‘Why unsuitable?’
    ‘I heard you met my brothers.’
    ‘Toad.’ I shuddered, remembering wart-festered knuckle joints, brushing my breasts.
    Something – guilt maybe? – disturbed his stare. ‘Doubtless you enjoyed the twins, in compensation –‘
    ‘Compensation? For what? And no, they enabled me to get away.’
    He was amused. ‘Explains why you weren’t there. I didn’t expect bait to get up and run away.’
    ’You were using me as bait?’
    ‘Toad, as you call him, is too toxic to be allowed to live –'
    ‘Two more minutes, and I’d’ve died of disgust! He’s loathsome!’
    ‘And thanks to your escaping, he still lives.’

    1. oh oh, so much trouble brewing here it isn't true! The toad is alive and out there, heaven alone knows what he'll get up to. Terrific instalment!

    2. Love the way "toad" and "loathe" tie-in together. You never fail to deliver the goods but this one was exceptional.

    3. This Toad guy sounds nasty, great use of conversation to describe a character so well. Even more so considering it's a 100 word challenge and that character isn't even part of the conversation lol.

  6. Infinity 98.
    I am right disturbed, I have to say, about First Mate who seems to be on a collision course with his cap’n. I baint having this so I decided, after consulting with the Almighty, God fearing man that I be, that First Mate will be bait for the Creature. Tis a shame we have to come to this but what else does a man do when his crew member is agin him and making his own waves? The Almighty agreed, so it be a joint decision.
    Now all I have to do is work out how to do it.

    1. Ooh No-o-o! I'm afeared the First Mate is stronger than the Captain knows; has the ability to foment mutiny. Fingers crossed ... and I DID like 'making his own waves'

    2. So, the fate of the First Mate may be sealed at this point. Does this mean the Cap'n will turn the ship around and head back to find the Creature, or simply assume that the Creature will seek him out? Either way, I don't much fancy the First Mate's chances, to be honest. Yet another stunning installment. Thank you for the ride.

    3. A nice little interlude chapter which feels comes across like a soliloquy. Very nice ramp up to what may come next although as Sandra has shown things may not go where we may think, great piece.

  7. anybody there? anyone shutting the gates and stopping intruders posting more stories than they should after the closing time? We've all been bereft this week of new words!

  8. Sorry. We seem to be having technical difficulties in our lives that show no signs of abating. Perhaps we should stop or hand it off. Colleen and I will discuss just that, and let everyone know. In the meantime, consider the gates closed. We will post winners tomorrow, and possibly words, depending on what decision we come to.