Wednesday, 30 January 2013

From Across The Pond.

I've received a package this morning, from overseas.  I imagine it is the sacred tome which spits forth the words from which we all weave our magical and horrific tales.  It sits on my dining room table, labeled with strict instructions not to open it until the morning of Thursday Friday, February 1st.  After opening, I'm to let it rest until it wakes on its own.  I shall  follow these directives faithfully, though I'm a bit concerned. The paper wrapping is shifting about a bit, and there are some strange squishy, gurgling sounds coming from within.

I hope the poor dear isn't suffering from jet lag.  We need to be ready for the friends and guests who will arrive soon.  Ah, well.  I shall leave it to rest and get on about putting the finishing touches on the place.

Sunday, 6 January 2013


This is the new home of The Prediction. It's still under construction right now, but we'll have it up and running (and prettyish) by the time we take over.