Sunday, 21 December 2014

When things work.

Ahhhh...the thrill of logging into Prediction the first time with no issues.  Granted, I had to leave my house to do it, but that's all right.

I'm currently sitting at a friends house, borrowing her laptop.  I'm cat-sitting.  The Tome has been somewhat disgruntled by the travel, and the cats.  It is currently hiding beneath the lighted Christmas tree, growling at the Premier League Soccer game on the TV.  Go Sunderland!

I must confess that I wondered what you all would do with the words this week.  "Pastry" particularly intrigued me.  I am amazed and thrilled with the way you have all "risen" to the challenge.  See what I did there?  Pastry? Risen?  ....Little joke...Ahhh never mind.

Our winner this week is Chris Allinotte with The Uprising:  What a clever story!  As I baker of breads and pastries, I was thrilled with this.  In spite of my giggles, I found it had just enough of the horror aspect to send a shiver up my spine and have me pondering the fate of the poor pumpernickel! Thank you!

Also in the winners circle this week is Sandra Davies with After the Fall:  What a horrific bit of writing.  Again, very clever use of the prompts!  I particularly love  your description of the caterpillars and blood.  Thank you!

And now I have coaxed the Tome from beneath the tree to give us new words!


As Christmas is fast approaching and I am aware that many of you will busy with family and friends, I'm giving two weeks for entries.  Feel free to post as many entries as you wish or have time for.  I very much look forward to reading all.  I consider each entry a gift to be treasured. 

So you have until Friday, January 2nd,  11:00 PM Eastern time with winners and words on Saturday, January 3d. 

Other that that, the usual rules apply: 100 words maximum (excluding title) of flash fiction or poetry using all of the three words above in the genres of horror, fantasy, science fiction or noir. Serialized fiction is, as always, welcome. All variants and use of the words and stems are fine.
Feel free to post links to your stories on Twitter or Facebook or whichever social media best pleases you and, if you like, remind your friends that we are open to new and returning writers.

Here's wishing you all the best and brightest of the holidays. 

And with that...

The Gates Are Open!


  1. congratulations Chris and Sandra! Brilliant writing, as always, from both of you.

    Two weeks to write... hope for lots of entries, if we're Christmas weary and need something to tantalise our braincells...

    Every good wish for the festive season to all Prediction writers!!! Enjoy!!

  2. Thank you - and congratulations Chris. Since I'm away from tomorrow until the 3rd and not at all sure I'll find writing time, I've managed this but am not sure of Pettinger. Best wishes to all of you for a time of satisfied contentment.

    Rescue from the river

    Exhausted beyond coherent thought, else I’d’ve tried to find a place to hide ‘til nightfall, shouting brought me to awareness of a watcher. On my failure to heed he jumped in, steered me to the bank and landfall. Unmoved by my nakedness, he carried me through trees to a sweet-smelling brick-built hut. Mounds of apples and a cider press told me its use, as he deposited me upon a pile of powdery flour sacks.
    Thanking him I sensed calm orderliness, goodness, confirmed by his offering food and drink.
    He smiled.
    ‘The reward for you is generous, provided you are alive.’

    1. I am bothered by his being unmoved by nakedness, what's the matter with him??? oh he seems nice as nice and then you get that nasty hint in the last line. Good one!

    2. I was curious about how nice he was as well until the surprising, intriguing final line. :)

  3. ... but, bless him, he's come up trumps:

    A change of focus [111]

    Suddenly impatient Pettinger seized the potential letter bomb, and stood, saying to his boss, ‘We’ve let ourselves be diverted by a mound of misdirection; let it cloud our judgement to the murkiness of farmhouse cider. We need to seize Charity and Hope and accuse them of their father’s murder, their sister’s injuries –‘
    Tongue in cheek, DCI Quintain reminded him, ‘There’s such a thing as evidence, John –.’
    Growled interruption, ‘Leave it to me to fill the gaps –‘
    ‘And,’ Vanessa gestured with a just-struck match, cigarette in mouth, ‘there’s what looks like gunpowder trickling from that envelope you’re holding.’

    1. Ha! almost got caught out, didn't he? Good job Vanessa spotted the gunpowder. Is Pettinger going off his head, I wonder? He's been through so much it wouldn't be a surprise!
      Like it.

    2. Loved the ending of this! Made me laugh. :) Also really loved the imagery of 'gestured with a just-struck match, cigarette in mouth'.

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  5. NOT trying for domination and don't know where this came from but here it is [previous version had a duplicate word]:


    ...coming to beneath the trees and the muscled mound of your chest and thighs the stickiness of your sweat and semen my body throbbing with the buzz of a million bees who’d feasted on sun-fermented windfalls turned to cider and the light through the leaves telling me it was late so by the time we’d straightened ourselves and you’d driven me to my back gate and I’d tiptoed up the stairs and looked at myself in the accusing mirror before soaping and powdering myself the smell and the guilty flush of you was still there for him to fully see...

    1. oh this is gorgeous, a complete set of thoughts tumbling over themselves and back again. Really delicious read.

    2. Definitely has a lovely, poetic, provocative flow to this. Definitely a tumbling of words (thanks Antonia for that phrase!) that feels like a breathless account from someone. :)

    3. Sandra...never worry about how many stories you post no matter how many or how few other entries there are. I consider it that you've simply had an extremely creative week! The more I have to choose from, the happier I am!

  6. It's been a rough one and a half weeks, but I finally got myself together. I've been doing everything but write, work on upcoming issues of my spiritualist magazine (the templates are set through to Winter 2023 -when it ends) and finding masses of good material out there in the ether to snare and add to the issues. Now I am coming back down to earth as we roll into another year. How did it get to be 15 years into the Millennium, does anyone know?
    The Captain stopped by with this instalment:
    There was a mound of sommat on the deck, no one said what it were; it looked nasty, like it had come onboard on a wave. It were part powder, part lumps of – who could tell? Or was it an offering left by the Creature? If it were, it had got out. No, tis more likely a gift from the sea. The thought of gifts made me reach for the cider I had stored in my cabin, some admirer handed it me when we left Shipton. This mound done bothered me enough I want – and will – be drunk this night.

    1. that's Infinity 81, I missed off the title when copying from Word! Sorry!!

    2. Typical Captain,,making his stoic best of whatever .Life throws at him then displaying his humanity at the end.

    3. He does always seem to take things in stride. Definitely a good opportunity for some cider and thought. :)

  7. Loved reading the entries! Mommy duty has put a serious damper on my writing time. Hopefully I can play for the next Prediction. :) Happy holidays everyone!

  8. Avoidance

    Cider Mountain is a “quaint” little ski town in Vermont. It’s so quaint the only people who ever ski there are the locals and they like it that way. I’d spent the last few months going from one end of New England to the other staying in backwaters and back of backwaters Seth would never think to look in.

    I needed time to sift through the BDSM and catharsis scented powder my mind had become after Kaia.

    I had a forkful of apple-rum pie, mounded with whipped cream, halfway to my lips when He walked in the door, grinning.


    1. Smiling in anticipation of battle of wits commencing yet again. :-)

  9. And with that, the gates are closed! My thanks to all who played! Back tomorrow with winners and words!

  10. Damn - totally lost track of ... well ... everything during the holidays. Just caught this - thanks so much for selecting my little slice of weirdness, even though my metaphors may have been a little stale and spread thin - I'm glad its crusty sentence structure rose to the occasion. :)