Monday, 18 August 2014

Change is Going to Come

I apologize for dropping the ball on this post. I have been terribly distracted of late. My older son starts college tomorrow, and while he's not going away for it, there has been a great scrambling to make sure everything is in place. My younger son starts his senior year of high school, and I admit that this combination of events has had me suddenly desperate to spend what time with them I have. Too soon, they will be out in the world. I already wonder how they got from babes in my arms to the tall men they've become. I confess this shift has been overwhelming.

All this familial turmoil - including my mate being gone more than two months now and not due to return for another three weeks or so - has also taken a toll on my writing time. I have no idea how single parents do it, but I've not carved out the space in my head, much less a slot in my schedule, to focus on turning ideas into words. I hope that settles down soon, as my mind needs the quiet space that writing affords. Although I suppose I should set aside thoughts of finishing my current book, as I've recently signed a contract for my first novel to be published. I suspect I'll be up to my ears in revisions in no time. I will still come to play here, however, because I love this outlet. It's amazing what one can do with a hundred words.

The winner this week is AJ Humpage, with the shiveringly delightful Famished. I very much enjoyed not knowing from what creature the meat came.

The tome was in quite the huff for having been ignored, but I've managed to placate it (I'll not say how) and coax from it these words:


The usual rules apply: 100 words maximum (excluding title) of flash fiction or poetry using all of the three words above in the genres of horror, fantasy, science fiction or noir. Serialized fiction is, as always, welcome. All variants and use of the words and stems are fine. You have until 11 p.m. (U.S. Eastern time) Friday, August 22.

The Gates Are Open!.


  1. Congratulations AJ; and hope Life finds a degree of settlement for you Rebecca, That time of sons departing will come to seem like a Good Thing, I promise you, but I remember how hard to cope with at the time.


    From mid-river Ravenscar bartered boat for horse and cart, requesting with some force, as recompense for my injuries, three day’s provisions.
    The messy heap of bodies on the bank behind him added urgency to negotiations, since they’d no other way to reach and subsequently bury them.
    I’d scoffed at Ravenscar’s belief in Helvinsson’s claimed disconnection but understood the tactic of alliance after demonstrating domination.
    Understood too Ravenscar’s selecting three new-created widows to accompany us.
    And on pretence of promise, knowing we’d be gone by dawn, I prevailed on the man who guarded Helvinsson’s weapons to steal me a fresh-sharpened knife.

    1. been busy but here goes... the story continues with all the vividness of a movie, I love 'the messy heap of bodies' - says it all!

    2. Thanks Antonia - I was feeling a bit 'voice in the wilderness' here!

    3. This is simply gripping. Knowing how young she is makes it all so much more intense. I marvel at Ravenscar's strategy, not to mention his battle prowess.

  2. Infinity 67
    This day I viewed my cabin for the first time in what feels like infinity, small joke. Tis messy, so it is, but I don’t request help, for fear that it which I keep locked up here might connect with them.
    So this day I done cleaned it myself. Threw overboard a load of things I wanted no one to see, including my conscience. I trust to God I don’t need it any more. I be in His hands now, for He saw fit to send the creature into my keeping, so I be doing His will, baint I?

    1. Superb, especially the throwing overboard of his conscience - what next??

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. The captain's thoughts are so dark, and yet he retains a patina of nobility in his determination to keep his crew safe. Excellent installment.

  3. A change of focus [98]

    Having requested help from a pair of snogging teenagers – now re-connected at both hip and mouth – DC Brickwood was out of the new-dug hole and left-handedly searching among the messy strew of flowers Charity had left on her mother’s grave.
    His right hand was wrapped in a blood-stained handkerchief.
    Pettinger, concerned, ‘Jabs up to date?’
    ‘Of course.’
    ‘What did the damage?’
    Ben nodded to where he’d placed an evidence bag on top of a nearby sarcophagus.
    Pettinger went to look.
    But was diverted by the words carved on the stone beneath the slightly blood-stained bag.
    Because it was his name.

    1. whoo! what happened there then? Spooky stuff happening - his name on the gravestone. Can't wait to read more!!!!!!

    2. Your ability to give us so much story in so many words, with a great twist every time, is simply brilliant. I can't wait to find out what happens next!

  4. The Right Connections

    Down here, they know I handle requests – quick, thorough, discreet. Uptown, they don’t know I exist, but I know their champagne ways, disgusting excess a blind for messy entanglements.

    The elegant doll in my office fidgeted. “Jimmy the Bear said you could help.”

    “Where’s his tattoo?”

    “Right thigh, inside.”

    She really was desperate.

    “Tell me how you’re connected to the senator.”

    “He’s my father. I want him dead.”

    “No murder, but I’ll ruin him for you.”

    Her smile could have lit Fenway Park. Her story would curdle fresh milk.

    If I didn’t need the scratch, I’d’ve killed him for free.

    1. Sounds like the blurb for a book I'd buy in a heartbeat.

    2. me too! All sorts of nasty undertones and even over tone going on here! intrigue abounds. Write some more, Rebecca, yes?

  5. Like Alice's bloody rabbit, I am. Always late. Always trying to catch up. Winners and Words by 11PM EST this evening!