Monday, 2 December 2013

Change Up

Greetings, Predictioneers!

This is Rebecca, stepping in for Colleen for the foreseeable future. Family business requires her attention for now, so she's asked me to take over hosting duties. Luckily, I already have posting rights, so the transition should be smooth indeed. Naturally, none of my stories will be considered for judging, though I do hope to continue to play in this delightful sandbox.

As Colleen has often noted, choosing a winner is hard!

For sheer horror, I have to give the win to Sandra Davies for Disconnection. I found it both sickening and oddly amusing. 

Runner up goes to AJ Humpage for Just Another Day. The ability to present us with real-world horror and make us truly see it is a gift.

And now for fresh words. The tome has made itself at home and given up these choice morsels to whet your creative appetites:


The usual rules apply: 100 words maximum (excluding title) of flash fiction or poetry using all of the three words above in the genres of horror, fantasy, science fiction or noir. All variants and use of the words as stems are fine.

The gates are open, and you're more than welcome to bring friends over to play!


  1. Thank you most kindly, Rebecca - this site has certainly turned me into a sickeningly nasty writer (although I am delighted you also recognised the tongue-in-cheek), and I totally agree with what you say about A J's ability to make the real yet more impactful.

  2. A change of focus [65]

    From behind her, Pettinger murmured, ‘I’ve got him covered...’
    ‘Yes, but... too late.’
    Divine had seized his faithless wife; spun her round to form a shield and proceeded to back out.
    ‘Phone for back-up?’
    A derisive snort, ‘We’re in the sticks, they’re probably still use pigeon post...’
    ‘And will arrive on donkeys... Okay, what do you suggest?’
    ‘Let him go.’
    ‘Just like that? When he’ll shoot his wife soon as he’s out of sight. And has already killed?’
    ‘Um... provocation?’
    ‘Won’t get him off. Vanessa, this is starting to stink...’
    ‘Just a minor setback...’
    ‘In Jack Divine’s illustrious career.’

    1. Congratulations on another 1in!
      Pettinger is getting into all sorts of problems lately, I hate to think what you have dreamed up for him next... love this episode.

    2. Loved the wording of the 3rd line - 'Divine had seized his faithless wife; spun her round to form a shield and proceeded to back out.'

    3. I like how she goes from Vanessa to ma'am. Pettinger is so conflicted. Another great episode.

  3. Missive

    Old blood congealed in the gilded goblet in Saoirse's hand, forgotten as she stared into the fire. The missive from the pigeon, lying dead at her feet, was naught but ash now, having flared prettily in the orange-red flames. It'd been poisoned. That itself was a message.

    "A setback, little dove," Benjamin said.

    Saoirse laughed, a dangerous sound, and raised her blooded eyes to her lover. He'd covered his ravaged throat with knotted silk, and her mouth tilted. "They will acknowledge me."

    "Perhaps with a husband..." Benjamin's voice died at her fierce hiss.

    "I will do this on my own."

    1. Oh Zaiure how wonderfully typical this is of you, and how much you've been missed. Gorgeous, delicately descriptive phrases which create a room and a mood and an epic tale in just one hundred words.

    2. this is amazing, so vivid, so pictorial whilst providing a feast of words for the reading, too.

    3. Thank you! :) It's good to be back. Been a busy few months. So happy it's the holidays. :)

  4. Congratulations, Sandra and AJ! Superb writing as always. The standards just get higher.
    Rebecca, please pass on my commiserations to Colleen regarding her family commitments, life does seem to be throwing a few wobblies her way lately. Been there a few times myself.

  5. Four o'clock

    She wasn’t easy to pigeonhole. Which made it all so difficult. If they’d been able to be certain, the solution would be easy – bullet in the head, burial in the closest cement-poured project. All the evidence indicated... timing, sightings, her bank accounts’ steady acquisitions of cash.
    But face to face felt like a setback: genteel parlour, doves cooing, latticed windows curtained with William Morris ‘Golden Lily’, velvet settee protected with pampas-grass embroidered antimacassar and arm-covers, Indian tea served in fragile Royal Pembroke bone china... was the tea, of course. And, after strenuous chopping, she found them very easily pigeonholed.

    1. Loved the setting of the scene and a very chilling and grisly ending! Excellent descriptions throughout.

    2. Clever depictions here, the genteel setting and the gory ending, very clever. Thanks for a good read!

    3. Oh, I do love a nice twist! This is beautifully presented and very satisfying in the end.

  6. So much for plans... after two hours of tarot reading yesterday evening, I was fit for nothing, so the Captain had to wait until tonight (again) much to his muttered impatience. Anyway, here is instalment 34 of Infinity;
    Tis hard for a captain of my standing to say the word setback, but we were denied docking – hard to believe, I know but tis true. I felt like we were a pigeon in sight of the guns and we turned and sailed out of port and let them think we were running for cover.
    Sometimes things don’t work out as they should and I wonder in my darker moments whether they damn shadows had aught to do with it. If they did, then they will pay when I gets my chance.
    And I will. And they know it.

    1. "And I will. And they know it." - lovely stuff, so very typical.

    2. I agree with Sandra, ending was perfect. Loved those two lines! Things seem dark indeed for the Captain, but I sense an opportunity coming. :)

    3. I like how he made them think he was cowed when he was anything but!

  7. A Sign of Things to Come

    It gasped, its wheezes teasing the cold air.

    Timmy watched with inward curiosity as the wire wrapped around the pigeon’s neck cut through feathers and flesh, forging a dark line that stained the ground. Frantic flapping thickened the surrounds as it swivelled on its back, helpless.

    Timmy’s curiosity gradually turned to restrained delight when the bird finally became still to exhaustion and oxygen deprivation, and he covered his mouth to stifle a laugh.

    But it had died too quickly. Too easily.

    A minor setback.

    The next one, he would do a much better job.

    A sign of things to come.

    1. Chilling indeed, the way curiosity turns to killing.

    2. Creepy kids are the worst! Very chilling line with - "the next one, he would do a much better job".

    3. The evolution of a villain, so realistic it chills the blood.

  8. It's a bit late, but I figured you wouldn't mind if I took my time closing the gates. I will comment on all this fantastic writing tomorrow, and present you with winners and words. Thank you all so much for playing.