Sunday, 17 November 2013

Well it's about TIME.

Good morning, all.

First off, let me extend many thanks to RR for posting to let you all know about my continuing tech issues. Next, let me thank all of you for your infinite patience in putting up with said issues.  Being trusted to host Prediction is a huge honor for me, and I am so grateful to have such understanding folks here with me.

All right.  I'll get right to it.

This week's winner is RRKovar with Modus Operandi: I must agree that "silvered young" is one of my favorite phrases here. I half get the idea that the woman in question has no idea whether she'll become "partner in crime", as it were, or "victim", and that she'd be quite happy either way.  I do hope we get to find out exactly what's in that lab, and what becomes of her.  Thank you!

And this week's runner up is Antonia Woodville with Infinity (31):  This story continues to fascinate. VERY nice use of the prompts this week.  I'm very curious as to just what the Captain believes that crew mate is thinking!  Thank you!

The Tome has offered new words.  Give me just a moment to gather them up.  Ahhhh...there we go...


The usual rules apply: 100 words maximum, excluding the title, of flash fiction or poetry using all of the three words above in the genres of horror, fantasy, science fiction or noir. All variants and use of the words as stems are fine.

You have until 11:30 PM EST on Thursday, November 21st , to get your entries in..  Winners will be announced and new words will be posted by 11:30 PM on Friday, November 22nd.

The Gates Are Open my friends.  Take what the Tome has offered and craft your nightmares into reality!


  1. Very well deserved Rebecca, and also Antonia (though I'm claiming favouritism has undoubtedly been shown with this week's choice of 'crosswind!!)

    Ensuring customer satisfaction

    He must’ve Photo-shopped his picture – one half then the other to counteract the ever-shifting cast in his eye. The foetid crosswind of his minted smokey-bacon breath was another thing you couldn’t check online.
    Likewise voice. His, attempting to cajole, was whining, ‘Sorry, Doll, body on the line at Bakerloo...’
    I could check that later. Maybe. Nodded to Dave the barman; he’d’ve known this one would need swift intervention.
    ‘Gotta take a slash...’
    Dave returned, unsmiling. ‘I still say it’s a bit drastic...’
    ‘But if your Dating Agency guarantees client vetting, it’s essential to deliver...;
    ‘Even if it’s client into sewer?’

    1. I love the description, sharp dialogue, dry and sardonic humor. Great last line!

  2. Thank you, Colleen, and well done Antonia!

    This is a departure, so I beg indulgence for a bit of nonfiction.

    Sunday Morning

    Nothing gentle about the breeze, shifting crosswinds building towards gale, then worse with the rain blowing sideways and trees groaning as they bent. Freight train sound, they say, but this was so much louder, so much larger, a howling, screaming stream of destruction.

    Cajoled into the subterranean chamber, the children clutched at pets, hoping parents could intervene, intercede. We were powerless long before the power failed us.

    Nails loosened, failed. Wood twisted, splintered, gave, became flying weapons. All we could do was hope to survive.

    Hours later, we emerged, glad to be whole. Down the road, they weren’t so lucky.

    1. congratulations, RR! and thanks!
      this is a vivid and scary piece, we think our gales are bad...

  3. Saw your FB post ... glad you are all safe and sound. This description of the weather-driven chaos is superb.

  4. A change of focus [63]

    Crosswinds turning motorways to ten-pin bowling alleys; every diversion a dead end, an overnight stay became essential.
    ‘Budget dictates one room only,’ Vanessa, briskly (cajoling apparently anathema)
    ‘Does it run to dinner?’
    ‘Oh yes. And wine.’
    Pettinger began to relax, only to be alerted by Vanessa’s hand upon his thigh, her lips whispering in his ear.
    ‘Don’t look now but the bloke at the next table is Vic Allington. Woman with him is Jack Divine’s wife. Jack’s just come through the door...’
    ‘In that case,’ laughed Pettinger, ‘it’ll be Divine Intervention’
    But Divine produced a gun.
    And used it.

    1. clever dialogue here and twisted at the end to be a clever last line. Good one!

  5. thank you, Colleen! I will try and get my entry in super fast tomorrow, I am out on Thursday (attending a trance evening, a friend is the medium and he hasn't done trance for some time. Could be interesting), before then and around then, I have a time sensitive editing job...

    1. Antonia- I'll be really disappointed if you don't get 'crosswind' in somehow ...

  6. Infinity 32
    The great Lord watches over a great captain and this without my having to cajole His Divinity into intervening for me. The crew member went overboard- with no help from me whatsoever - in a sharp crosswind that caught the Infinity side on and he lost his footing. Or so they tell me.
    I shed no tears for them as can’t stand upright in a gale. What kind of sailors is the world breeding these days, I do be asking myself.
    The wind sent us on our way a good deal faster than I hoped, the Indees be in sight.

  7. Stands firm, he do, indeed. And merciless. Does he not think that the dead may become his shadows?
    Oh Antonia, how easily I find myself entering this world, every week - thank you!

  8. Dreadful Accord

    I moved closer, stepping into a rancid crosswind, so strong it threatened to rip the knife from my hand. I heard a woman’s laughter, sensual and cajoling, over the ripping sail-cloth sound.

    I glanced at Seth, saw the flare as he anointed the jar. Gripping it tight to his chest, he looked at the thing in front of me. He thought to intervene, for just a second. Sadness, horror, and then pain crossed his face as he looked at me and nodded, just once. I expected him to look away. He didn’t.

    I plunged the knife home and we all screamed.

    1. So strong this, every sentence enviably powerful in its creation of the imagery.
      The last three sentences especially.
      I'd vote you winner this week, in a heartbeat.

  9. Good evening, my talented friends. It's about that time. Actually, a bit late. The gates are closed! I'll see you tomorrow evening by 11:30 with winners and words! Thank you all!