Saturday, 10 August 2013

No rest for the electronically challenged.

I think I'm going to start saving my posts in Word, so that I can re-post them on  Saturday morning, when my computer decides it can't be bothered on Friday night!  Jeez!

Good morning, all. 

The Tome is not going to be happy about this.  It's 7:00 AM here in the states, and I'm going to have to wake the little darling to get new words.  It's rather a nocturnal creature, you know.  Perhaps if I toss a bit of bacon under the bed, where it nests...

Anyway, let's announce winners whilst we wait for it to wake up, shall we?

We had a good crop of amazing stories this week, and choosing winners has been challenging indeed.  However, there were a couple for me, that did stand out.

Our winner this week is Sandra Davies with A change of focus (50):  Sandra, this is just gorgeous from one end to the other!  It reads and flows like poetry.  Your use of the prompts is fantastic!  And the surprise ending makes reading this a perfect treat.  Thank you so much! 

In second place is Helen with the conclusion of The Dare:  I've been hooked on this story from the beginning.  Freddy has been such an interesting character.  Loved the little twist at the end as to where his power came from.  Thank you!

And this week, I must give honorable mention to Zoe Farr for her Untitled piece.  First and foremost it made me chuckle.  But I love the normacly of the conversation combined with the fantasy aspects of the world that converastion is taking place in.  This was great fun to read.  Thank you.

The Tome has left new words as I've been typing.  Let's see what we have.




The usual rules apply: 100 words maximum, excluding the title, of flash fiction or poetry using all of the three words above in the genres of horror, fantasy, science fiction or noir. All variants and use of the words as stems are fine.

You have until 11:30 PM EST on Thursday, August 15th, to get your entries in..  Winners will be announced and new words will be posted by 11:30 PM on August 16th, tech issues permitting.

Please feel free to post, tweet, and otherwise network our little game.

The gates are open! 


  1. Thank you so much Colleen - this piece came from an awareness that the story had dug itself into a hole from which nothing new could develop and to start with I didn't know that Raptor would be the victim. Hopefully the repercussions will be a little more exciting.
    Congratulations too to Helen and Zoe and thanks to everyone else who keeps me so well-entertained week after week. On with the next set of words.

  2. brilliant news, Sandra, well deserved, for Helen and Zoe too. Such good reading day by day.

    The Captain likes the new words. I just hope he can come up with the next instalment before Thursday... sometimes he runs it a little close to the wind. Perhaps pirates do that...

  3. Congratulations, Sandra! I must have read that piece a dozen times in a row, and then every time I went back to the page. Good stuff.

    Kudos to Helen for a nice, tight ending to a great story, with just enough room left open for more if she wants to go there. I can see this becoming a great middle-grade series, if you ever wanted to take it the book route.

  4. Congratulations Sandra a great piece of writing. Kudos to Helen and Zoe too. Well done all, very much enjoyed reading everyone's entries. Now to mull over this weeks words.

  5. A change of focus [51]

    Back to the door, supporting Raptor’s lolling weight, scared near to death herself as she witnessed a dark soul leave his body and fly to the window to pause on the threshold, brandishing a long-clawed black fist, threatening to enter her mind, invert her beliefs, control her future behaviour.
    Common-sense prevailed at the the entry of the man she least wished to see.
    Despite a voice harsh as grated skull-bones, his words offered hope: ‘What has he done to you?’
    Wet-eyed, she looked over her shoulder.
    ‘Told me he fathered John Pettinger.’
    ‘Aye. He near convinced me of that, too.’

    1. some deep thoughts here as well as the action and a great ending to this bit, making me want to read on. Nice one.

  6. Congrats Sandra, Helen and Zoe!

  7. Short term considerations

    Stood on the threshold of the best room the Fleece Inn had to offer, sweet-smelling applewood burning in the grate, and certain as she could be that once this brat was born she’d want no more, she could see the merits of an inverted sort of wedlock, one which granted her status, wealth and influence, where faithlessness wasn’t flagged by didn’t bring claims of paternity.
    She appreciated Tao’s brand of lustiness;, anticipated a repeat performance ere they slept.
    Tomorrow they’d need move fast, further north-west, since yesterday, from mistimed disgruntlement, she’d warned his brother of their approach, knowing Gabriel had vowed revenge.

    1. whoo, all happening in this episode! I love 'mistimed disgruntlement', it says so much!

    2. Whoops! - I see I forgot to delete the 'didn't bring' added to 'claims of paternity' - please mentally delete, else I'll be over the hundred.

  8. Thanks, it's been a bit hard getting back into the swing of things... so, here's back to the same old...


    Conrad felt his ward threshold tremble; he opened the door, finding Mary and another familiar Awakened metahuman.

    'Nina' passed behind him, gave a casual wave. "So, how's the kid?"

    "Ask her: she's right here."

    "Damn! Didn't recognise you: you clean up

    Domo arigato... thanks."

    ***Come in.*** He winced at how his artificial translator grated his complex sign-language compared to her melodious accent; all he wanted was to invert that nervous frown of hers, let her know it was going to be okay.

    She wasn't hairy enough, though.

    Aware of the awkward silence, he continued. ***So, what's your name?***


    1. you've got so much back story going on here it's untrue and all unspoken, just implied. Very clever.
      Good one!

    2. Time and time again I think this calls out for illustration ... so vivid.

  9. And a second...!

    Bring Me The Head Of...(17)


    Gonzo was drawn in by perilous eyes; realising he was straying too close to some unspoken perving-threshold he blinked, remembered he should be looking her ov-ahem! looking after her, and grabbed his scanner.

    He recalled when she'd first shown up after the rescue, their roles inverted...

    He'd noticed the grating arm-servo whilst towelling himself after the shower; figuring there was a micro-fracture letting moisture in, he'd been so absorbed in flexing the joint and... there she was. He'd beaten a hasty retreat to his room after quickly rearranging the towel...

    Ame just stood there calmly, letting him work.

    1. Flip-side, and ever-fascinating, albeit totally alien to me.

  10. We got there, on Thursday eve again. The Captain refuses to come earlier than that, despite an open invitation. Here goes...
    We are on the threshold of mutiny, tis only the fear of me, the fearsome captain, that holds them in their place. Now I have to convert that fear into true loyalty. Me as thought they were loyal to death, too. The thought do grate on me sommat terrible that they baint.
    But I ask too much of a crew of ruffians, rapscallions and general layabouts who see no further than the gold I offer them at the end of the voyage. There be more to life than that.
    There be fame. And there be little substitute for that.

    1. Hope the captain can make them see the error of their short-sighted ways ...

  11. Burnt Offerings

    We emptied cans of gas and kerosene, dousing houses threshold to patio, siphoning from cars to finish the job. Shame about the luxury SUVs. I would have fit nicely in one.

    With a single match, we inverted property values of an entire neighborhood of faux mansions. It should have felt better than it did. Their lifestyle creeped me out, but they had a right to actual life. Having it taken away cavalierly grated against what remained of my morality.

    “I’m going to kill that voodoo fucker.”

    Nate just drove, the smell of burned meat making his lead foot even heavier.

  12. nastiness abounds... your heroes are up to all manner of unpleasant tricks, described so vividly you can almost see them!

  13. Oh yes, and well done everyone else (forgot to add that earlier... *shuffles*)

    ION: the current (long) flash is over 4k words...(*surprised*)!

  14. Assuming doors are well and truly shut as it's been over a week; been on hols, you see... is everything ok?

  15. I've been checking in every other day, so far, nothing. Getting rather worried now. Colleen, is all well with you? does anyone know anything?

  16. My deepest apologies to all! My life went literally off the deep end for a couple of weeks, and I have dropped a lot of balls, including this one. If anyone's still watching, winners and words this by 11PM this evening. Again, my sincerest apologies.

  17. definitely watching, Colleen, good to know you are still with us! It sounds like it's been very rough, commiserations, hope you have pulled out of the problems which beset you.