Saturday, 29 June 2013

Good morning!

The tome has been frisking about the room this morning, whilst I've been trying to wake up and start my day.  It's funny how it remains quiet until I have gotten my first cup of coffee.  It seems almost to know and have respect, for the fact that I am so VERY not a morning person.

However, I am dressed, and that first cup is half empty now, so let's start the show.

Winners and words.

My winner this week is RRKovar with Turning The Tables:  This is just a brilliant and elegant bit of writing.  You've moved the story forward with brutal efficiency.  Also, was NOT expecting Nate to stab his brother.  Nice twisty bit there.   Thank you!

And this week's runner up is Zoe Farr with Flashback (20):  Zoe, every glimpse into Ame's character makes me hungry to know more.  You did a great job of weaving the prompts in, too!

As always, thank you all for playing!  Each week brings so many amazing stories.  You continue to make it hard to choose!

And the tome has brought forth new words!  Yay!




I am particularly in love with Ejective, though at this stage I have no idea what I'll do with it!  The tome continues to challenge!

The usual rules apply: 100 words maximum, excluding the title, of flash fiction or poetry using all of the three words above in the genres of horror, fantasy, science fiction or noir. All variants and use of the words as stems are fine.

You have until 11:30 PM EST on Thursday, July 4th, to get your entries in..  Winners will be announced and new words will be posted by 11:30 PM on Friday, July 5th.

The gates are open!  Let the games begin!


  1. Hurrah - RR's 'Turnng the tables' was really at the top of the game that is Seth and Nate - and everyone should go and read it if they haven't already - being last it was frighteningly easy to miss.
    'Ejective'? Hmm ... not a clue, which makes it all that more fun to fit it into something original.

  2. Right, Sandra?! I thought about discarding it and asking the tome for another, but I really want to see what folks will do with it!

    1. Not a problem Colleen, honest - it's even in my dictionary and could well be something used in connection wth Raptor!!

  3. congratulations, RR and Zoe, such class writing as always!
    The captain says the words look interesting, he will mull over how to absorb them into his journal over the coming days.

  4. Retieval

    Submissive, my happy ass. Kid had pissed me off with that, and somehow I’d been freed of both magic and hive. Go me. I’d stabbed Seth with bristling good cheer and then, knowing exactly where the brat was, pelted off to explain things to him.

    One ejective shot to the temple knocked him out cold. I deposited him at Seth’s feet like a puppy returning a tossed ball.

    I nodded at the slowly bleeding wound I’d inflicted and shrugged.

    “Really sorry about that. What say we sell the little shit to a crossroad demon and go find Big Bad, eh?”

    1. Oh brilliant!! Superb use of prompts and such a great episode. Sigh of great contentment, reading this. Well done, Colleen.

    2. Whoa. This is fantastic, and now I get to figure out what to do with it! Well played, ma'am.

    3. Loved it - good use of the words too!

    4. so smooth and yet so vicious at the same time!

  5. Thanks for that :D, and grats RR too...

    BTW, there's this Kickstarter I noticed (type Gigantic into the site) and they are doing a book of Flash fiction. They are also taking some submissions for it, I noticed...

    Anyhow, here's mine for this week here...


    "There's a narrow career choice for people like us, Ame..."

    Mary had left Ame to consider this pivotal crossroads; the fixer exited the suite jabbering smooth, incomprehensible Sperethiel (in sharp contrast to Ame's own ejective-laden pidgin-dialect) to some 'linked contact.

    So: home? Where was
    that now? Mary was right: she wouldn't last five minutes, not without support.

    But the

    A high-class call-girl?
    Not after- Her fury waxed full, bristling beneath her skin.

    People like 'us'...

    One course remained: she would bide her time in the Shadows, fill her half-brother's boots on Mary's team, for now. And later?


    1. Oh, this is rich and ripe with things both said and not said. I like the way her origin story carries through.

    2. Nicely contemplative and, as RR says, things unsaid.

    3. Oh yes what they both said above. Nicely done!

    4. good use of the prompts, they fit so well into this sharply written piece.

  6. And I just had to keep going...

    Bring Me The Head Of(15)

    Thoughts bristling against the tentative mind-probe, Ame rose part-way from her body, finding the Sasquatch staring astrally back.

    ☀☀Knew you were faking: aura's brighter. Different, too.

    ☂☂Grende! I mean, Conrad... I-I'm worried; how bad is it?

    Has this path just looped to the same crossroads again? Can I still 'Run?

    ☀☀Seen worse on Tri-D; come see...

    Please don't let me be bald pimp-fodder... oh.
    Black-hole hair, pointed ears; thinner, maybe... but bandaged eyes?

    ☂☂What’s the deal with my eyes?!

    ☀☀Gonzo wants to check them later, says: there was 'copious ejective matter', but his scanner indicates they're-

    ☂☂Out. Now.

    1. Fascinating illustration of the conversation!

    2. love the underlying tensions, the unsaid things which we all know about when we have conversations like this. brilliant!

  7. Thanks for picking my story! Seth was proud of that one. :)

    Roll the Dice

    Soaked with effluvia, I had barely enough control to nod. Nate seemed so damned proud of his accomplishment. And dismissive of the wound that had my insides bristling, tiny pinpricks catching fire. All he need do was make a single ejective move – free the knife or bury it deeper – and I’d be done. It would present a crossroad for him: save me or end the prophecy, thus saving the world from my eventual progeny. Naturally, I didn’t mention this.

    “Called for help. Might heal me. Might kill me.”

    “What? Who?”

    Glass doors shattered, and Kaia flew in on black wings.

    1. What joy in the laconic "Naturally, I didn’t mention this" and you've eded on another brilliant cliffhanger. Having been away I've not too long to wait for the next episode. :))

    2. Oh you can't stop there!

  8. A change of focus [47]

    Ejective consonants betraying English was a second language, Raptor’s eyes glowed harsh citrine.
    ‘I dislike that you give orders to my son...’
    Skin tightening, hair bristling alarm. Dear God, what had she done?
    ‘John is... your son?’
    ‘He did not tell you?’
    Raptor knew this woman’s professional harshness hid her love for Yanno. Now she’d fucked his father her feeble English sensitivity would put him further out of bounds: she’d want him gone. The crossroad of ‘where next?’ would return Yanno willingly to Khakbethia, to challenge Cherriman’s ever-increasing threat.
    Smugly contemplating, Raptor failed to see her press the panic button.

    1. wonderful descriptions here and again, underlying tensions, things unsaid, very smoothly done.

  9. Jack tips the balance

    Muttered, ‘Take the cart, this weeping widow’s proving more ejective than I’d hoped. I’ll catch you up.’
    ‘How will you know which way we’ve gone?’
    ‘Leave a sign at each crossroad... You’re still delivering Tao to his brother?’
    ‘He deserves it.’
    ‘More than the child in your belly needs a father?’
    ‘It could be yours...’
    ‘It couldn’t. Even had Tao not been too incapacitated to go for the widow’s gold I’d not hitch myself to you. I’m not sure even he deserves you.’
    Bristling indignation lit her eyes. ‘Then why follow me?’
    Gleam of amusement. ‘To see where you lead.’

    1. and where will she take them I wonder? I missed a few of these but they still stand well on their own.

    2. now you're doing cliffhangers too!!! where will this lead? will we ever know???

  10. I haven't played for a while but am back for this week. ^_^

    The Dare

    The dare: the initiation to the Bad Arse Club. Freddy needed to feel normal, instead of different. The house, supposedly haunted. It was true. He sensed it the moment he entered. It’s what made him different. The air icy: each out breath he made, a smoky cloud that hung in the atmosphere. Run or stay? Accepted or shunned? In his mind he was at a crossroad. His hair bristling on the back of his neck warned him something nasty was here.

    It spoke the words with an ejective force, the lilt foreign, full of venom.

    “Come to play have you?”

    1. How chilling, that final line.

    2. oh yes, the dares that get people into so much trouble ... and it seems this one has Freddy in deep trouble. Great last line!

  11. The guns are bristling ready for another fight, should one present itself, should a merchanteer hove to under our ejective missiles. Now there’s a fine sentence for a fine idea, if ever I saw one! And to think some people consider us pirates to be unlearned. Hell, they know nothing: they’d stumble over a crossroad and then be lost which way to go. No chance of that with Captain Teach, there are no crossroads to confound this pirate and let none say otherwise!
    That includes you wraiths, strays and shadows. Be gone with you, this is my journey!

    1. Once again such a perfect opening sentence, as the Captain himself recognises, he's got his confidence back.

  12. I love this Captain! He know what he wants.