Saturday, 18 May 2013

I'll be brief. LOL

Good evening, m'dears!

It's that time again.  I don't have a whole bunch to say this evening, so what say we just get to it, shall we?

This week's winner is Matt Farr with  Bonfire of the Vanities:  Matt.  Wow.  I'm still almost speechless.  This is just lush and beautiful and savage from one end to the other.  I love the feeling of transformation through destruction.

In second place this week is Zoe Farr with Flashback (14a):  I really liked how this piece gave us a much deeper insight into Nina's personality.  The combination of both self-confidence and lack thereof was really interesting to read.  I loved both the stealth and bravery she displayed in this piece.

And so on to our new words.




The usual rules apply: 100 words maximum, excluding the title, of flash fiction or poetry using all of the three words above in the genres of horror, fantasy, science fiction or noir. All variants and use of the words as stems are fine.

You have until 11:30 PM EST on Thursday, May 23d, to get your entries in..  Winners will be announced and new words will be posted by 11:30 PM on Friday, May 24th

The gates are open.  Let the games begin!


  1. congratulations, Matt and Zoe!
    Good words - again, for the captain to ponder on.
    Thanks, Colleen!

  2. Sport of kings?

    Impatient at the everlasting skirmishing with this half-taught, full-tempting sorceress Tao allowed the tip of the blade to slit her bodice to her waist. Momentarily disarmed by the lush bounty which sprang forth, he recovered fast enough to halt the fingers gouging for his eyes, to push her to the floor, lift skirts, spread thighs, shove in and ride her as would the winning jockey of the 2,000 Guineas on Newmarket’s Rowley Mile, his final spurt equally triumphant.
    From behind him, ‘You’ll live to rue the day...‘
    Carrion Jack!
    ‘...not from me, I’m already afflicted.’
    ‘I was not the first?’

    1. Ha! LOVE the last two lines. Can't wait to find out just what "afflicted" entails.

    2. Some crimes are their own punishment. I hope Tao suffers immeasurably - and also that, once free, she takes active revenge. That said, I love the flow of this.

    3. it flows, it disrupts with wonderful disruptions, Carrion Jack coming in at the wrong (right) moment - Tao has a way to go yet!

    4. Action and, well, action... And an ending that turns the tables in a fashion I'm sure will be fitting of the crime.

  3. Wow, thanks again! And Matt is suitably bemused that when he spends less time on a story people like it better... :D

    Anyhow, here goes...

    Bring Me The Head Of...(11)

    Mary glided over, flashing a disarming smile. Her manifestation wasn't quite as unnerving this time, only leaving Gonzo a little flustered; he breathed deeply before updating the fixer.

    "She's stabilised:" he concluded, "the spurting eye-blood was... disconcerting; that's halted. And the ears. Hair's... odd..."

    "I see. Any breathing difficulties, heart problems? Extra appendages?"

    "No... why?"

    "The Big Tens' white-coats have been jockeying for the limelight, babbling about Dunkelzahn's Will and the 'mana effect on latent autosomes'. Especially now they have fresh corpses to play with."

    "From the riots?"

    Mary shook her head. "The SURGE effects: some individuals... weren't viable."

    1. This story would make SUCH a great book! Even in one hundred word "chapters" it flows beautifully and the story itself hooked me from the beginning and always leaves me wanting to know more. Thank you.

    2. Oh wow, not only are there religious nuts to contend with, there are mad scientists! I am with Colleen; there is so much to love about this series.

    3. So much chilly horror in that 'some individuals... weren't viable'

    4. yes yes, religious and scientific and all sorts thrown into this mix, great stuff!

    5. Ha! Possible extra appendages, what a side effect!

  4. Well done Matt and Zoë, and apologies for mis-plotting my earlier attempt.

    A change of focus [41]

    Spurt of anger propelled Jake Cherriman to his feet. Words weren’t his first choice of weapon but today’s would disarm the man before him with impunity.
    Pettinger, intent on elucidation: ‘You sent Sally-Ann to murder me, knowing she’d fail?’
    ‘She never could resist a law-man...’
    ‘Was it you killed her?’
    ‘My brother?’
    Half-brother – I believe so.’
    ‘On whose orders?’
    ‘...possibly Raptor.’
    Raptor? He’s denied it.’ Lies and allegations jockeyed for verification.
    ‘He wants your approval.’
    ‘But... you’re his deputy?’
    ‘Scheraskade deputy to a Petzincek? I think not.’
    ‘Then ... who killed Gunita, Goren?’
    Sardonic. ‘Who says they’re dead?‘

    1. It's so interesting to me, reading through this and trying to figure out everyone's agendas!

    2. 'trying to figure out everyone's agendas' - Yes, me too - I do aim for coherence!

    3. Lies and allegations jockeyed for verification. This could be the tag line for the whole series. It is so delightfully twisty. As soon as I think I have a handle on it, you reveal some new facet, all while maintaining the noir feel.

    4. I picked up on that line, too, superb, says so much. The dialogue is again crisp sharp and carrying the story forward. Good one.

    5. I agree with everyone else, motivations and machinations all twisted up together, but it always feels like you have a good grasp of it, Sandra. The characters always feel right, even through every twist and revelation.

  5. NOTE: We have broken the 10,000 page views mark! WEWT! I have no idea why that excited me so much, but I felt it had to be noted. ; )

    1. It excites me, too! That's a great milestone.

    2. it is a great milestone! wonderful!

  6. I Wanna Be Sedated

    I fought to give Seth free range while the hive jockeyed to defend itself from the violation. Felt like razor blades and spurting lemon juice on my brain.

    I came to, sweaty and quivering. Think sex is intimate? It’s nothing compared to having every barrier you’ve ever built violently disarmed, from inside your head.

    There are things you don’t tell anyone. Things you don’t want to know about anyone. Ever.

    And now he knew all of them.

    “Tell me you got it.”

    He nodded, eyes haunted by more than the hive.

    “Jesus. You two look like hammered crap,” Jimmy groaned.

    1. "He nodded, eyes haunted by more than the hive"
      Absolutely, kick-in-the-gut perfect, and all to a mind-twisty soundtrack of the Stone Roses :)

    2. The way you describe his pain and subsequent discomfort with Seth's invasion is superb. Thank you for this.

    3. *blushes* Thank you, ladies! RR, you are most welcome!

    4. I just love the last line here!

    5. The description is great, and that last line nails the whole thing down, grounds the unreal in reality and brings it closer, somehow.

  7. And some more of the other half...


    The moment the convoy left Vory territory the van spurted forward to catch them.

    Conrad directed his waiting earth spirit to crash the first car, then engulf the limo driver. They screeched to a halt; Jiro outjockeyed the others, diving out in a bid to reach the limo first, leaving Conrad and Gonzo little choice but to disarm the dazed suits in the leading vehicle before they recovered and enfiladed the Oni.

    The limo's rear door burst open sagging on its hinges; Jiro drew his katana and faced the man-mountain that unfolded out of the limo's back seat.

    1. Oh, this is going to be good! I love fight scenes with uneven pairings. There is such a sense of urgency in this whole episode that I find myself holding my breath when I read.

    2. Such a vivid picture drawn by that final sentence.

    3. exciting writing! not much else to add, it's perfect and the pictures are vivid

    4. I love the use of the word 'unfolding', I've come across it like this before but it's so perfect to describe a big man getting out of a cramped space and standing to their true, daunting proportions. Good action opening. =)

  8. Congratulations to Matt and Zoë! Nice to keep it all in the family, huh?

    Uncomfortable Truths

    Vision swimming, I gave Nate the confirmation he sought, if not reassurance. There was no solace in what we had to do – or what I’d discovered. The hive had come close to disarming the protections around Nate’s infection. Keeping him whole had meant showing them what I could do.

    Magic used to come in spurts, unreliable. Now, it rode me like a feral jockey, whipping for more. Good thing Nate wasn’t inside my head, because my father was right. I needed to learn how to harness my power.

    In the meantime, Nate and I had a voodoo priest to kill.

    1. You and Colleen complement each other so well, match each other's ability to come up with increasingly mouth-watering episodes each time. And though all of it is too delicious to pick out a single sentence I was envious of the 'feral jockey'. This is superb.

    2. love it. The two sides, two versions, blend so perfectly.

    3. I picked up on the same phrase as Sandra. 'Feral jockey' is a great way to describe the magic riding him.

  9. Go Team Farr! :)

    Some Days You Just Can't Get the Staff
    The music continued to play in the background, but had lost its rhythm somewhat as the band craned their necks to see over the gathering crowd. Most of the bar was clustered around us, jockeying for a position where they could see the next move, yet not get covered by the blood spurting across the scratched wooden floor.

    Standing over the writhing, wailing henchman and his severed limb, I turned away from the shocked expression of Hendricks, local crime boss and general nasty bit of work, to admonish my colleague.

    “Frank. That’s not what I meant by ‘Disarm Him’!”

    1. Great buzzing crowded scene (how do you DO that?) and supremely apt title.

    2. Heh. Reminds me of the scene in 51st State where crime boss tells his driver to 'take care' of the chemist. He means look after him, but, of course, the chemist ends up dead in the boot of the car... =)

    3. This combination of brutal and funny is just fantastic. I like the way the narrator is so sanguine about it all, until the last line.

  10. LOL! This is brilliant! Perfect title, too.

    1. I got involved with the action and then fell about at the last line! Brilliant, Matt!!!

  11. Infinity (7)
    The crew know they could very likely disarm a merchantman if we come across one out here in the deep waters. It was good to see them jockeying for position to fire the guns. Means they’re keen and keen I want and need when we get into a confrontation – of my making, of course. I doubt any merchantman could get a spurt on and evade us, not now. They’re up the rigging seeing to the sails before I gets to say a word these days.
    They’re too damn good.
    But then, they should be; every last man jack of them done sailed with me before.

    1. What an excellent - and perfect - phrase is 'last man jack of them'. Smooth and authentic, as always

    2. Great last line working towards the layer building in this series, for which Infinity is an increasingly apt title.

    3. I love the subtle implication that they work hard because slacking is dealt with most harshly. There is such a great rolling motion to this, I almost feel I'm on deck, too!

    4. I must agree about that last line. It's brilliant. I love the way things are unfolding.

  12. ‘Twas ever thus ...

    For a just-raped maiden she was smugly sanguine, facing the brutes whose cocks had informed their base behaviour.
    ’Neither of you were the first, but rest assured every man who spurts his seed into my body suffers the consequences of his stable-jockeyed lust! Except ‘rest’ misleads...’
    ‘She speaks truth, God’s wounds! Unnatural woman, disarming men by bringing burning agony to their manhood...’
    ‘’Burning’?’ Tao examined his currently soft-curled cock, nestling damp and fully-spent.
    ‘Aye, when I piss ... e’en the smallest drop doth bring red hot needles... as for fucking, I’m incapable.’
    Triumphant: ‘And will be for a twelvemonth more.’

    1. Oh, good for her! I'm thinking that must be spell-work, since diseases don't clear up on their own. Then again, she could be giving them false hope, which would also be justified. Their conditions are a kinder punishment than they deserve.

    2. Heh...I'd say "poor Tao", but ...

  13. Magic? Or just a 'curse' she picked up elsewhere...? I'd pity Tao if he didn't have it coming 100%.

  14. (rise)

    Shadow people blurred into the alley, jockeying steeds of light and bulging sound. One of them came towards Olivia as the world shifted into focus.

    A boy straddled the crab's claw in front of her. His clothes were rough and patched and he had a rag tied over his soot-streaked face.

    He called over his shoulder, "Properly disarmed this one, we did."

    She groaned.

    "'Ave you outta there in a jiffy, miss."

    He put a knife to one of the claw's hydraulic tubes.

    "No," She coughed, "other one."

    He moved the knife and cut. Green-tinged fluid spurted across the cobbles.

    1. Ooh! The ragamuffin rescuer is intriguing, as is Olivia's knowledge of where to cut the crabs. This gets better with each installment.

    2. Oh this is just grand! Love the last line! I actually saw that in my head. Can't wait to read more of this.

    3. Relieved to see you here John, and what a wonderful combination is 'bulging sound' As for Olivia, her father has well-taught her and I hope the ragamuffin boy will stick around.

  15. Handicap

    Our jockeys wear white.
    Theirs dress all in black.
    Ours ride without heads.
    Theirs hands lack.
    ‘Round they go on proscribed track,
    desperate for place and position.

    Your jockeys wear black.
    Ours shine in white.
    Ours ride disarmed.
    Yours lack for sight.
    In mud and blood
    they slog and fight,
    with neither side prevailing.

    From My perch in the stands
    I see them all –
    the headless, the handless,
    the inevitable Fall.
    With gashes and trickles
    and foam-flecked mounts,
    bursts and spurts,
    yet never a doubt
    that they are Chosen,
    the others be Damned.

    Eternal strife courts the fall of Man.

    1. I found this much more disturbing than its tripping, almost childish rhythm ought to have suggested.

  16. The tome tells me it's time to close the gates once again. Feel free to continue to comment. Many thanks for the lovely stories this week! See you tomorrow with winners and words. Good night, m'dears.